10 May

We've added 2 new things for you this month in iKrut:

     1. new job sites to post to (free obviously)

     2. more flexibility as to how long you keep candidate data


Now when you post out a job, we've included great new up and coming site Talent.com as part of our distribution list. Nothing for you to do except remember to click publish and the job will be sent out to Talent.com with all applicants channeled back to iKrut.

We've also added in Linkedin. The jobs are displayed free of charge on Linkedin's job board but will rank lower than any jobs that have been sponsored. To post to Linkedin you need to link iKrut with your company/organisation's Linkedin page. Specifically you must insert the company id from Linkedin into the relevant box in iKrut. Easy to do:

     configure your site >  job boards   >  Linkedin

input the number here:

More details are on the help icon immediately above if you don't know what your Linkedin id is.

2. More flexibility on how long you keep candidate data

The default setting for free or premium users is that iKrut will keep candidate data for 12 months.

Clients with a premium+ account can now choose from a selection of retention periods:

Simply select the time frame you want to keep data for.

It's possible you will want to keep candidates you / someone else has added to your talent pool for longer (you don't want to delete someone who you could very well hire in 2 months time), so we've built the flexibility so you can set a deletion data for candidates who apply to your jobs vs candidates who have been added to your talent pool.

For candidates who are scheduled to be deleted, you can also invite them to keep their details via an opt in tool we have built. iKrut will automatically contact the candidates 2 weeks before they are due to be deleted if you select this option. They will receive 1 more notification 3 days before they are due to be deleted and if they do nothing, their details are removed. If they are happy for you to keep their details, they can opt in thus ensuring your have a talent pool packed with the candidates you want to keep and develop.

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